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What is the difference between chestnuts and chestnuts?

In the fall, you may have planned to pick chestnuts? Good idea, but be careful not to go wrong with horse chestnuts! Here's everything you need to know to properly pick them up and cook them. Discover our bonus recipe! Fall is the perfect season to take a walk in the colorful woods. If you are fluky enough to live near a forest, you have surely noticed that this is also the season when the ground is covered with chestnuts. This tree nut can be picked from late September to early November. It is better not to wait to go because the bugs that fall on the ground mold quickly. Reading these lines, are you thirsty for adventure? So go look for them! But first, just a moment of attention. Make sure you know where to pick them up and especially how to do it right. You have most certainly already plucked chestnuts thinking that, like chestnuts, they are eaten. Well no… Let us explain. What is the difference between chestnuts and chestnuts? In everyday language, the terms “chestnut” a

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