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picking chestnuts properly (and our ideas for places to easily find them)

To differentiate chestnuts from horse chestnuts, look at their shell and the shape of the fruit. The first has a brown bug with long prickles and the fruit inside is small and almond or heart shaped. The base is more or less crushed. On the other hand, the horse chestnut is covered with a thick green bug with small and thick peaks. The fruit is bigger and rounder than the chestnut and when a chestnut bug can contain 3 or 4, the horse chestnut is alone in its bug. Another clue, the two fruits do not grow at all in the sam   howtoincreasedomainauthority    e environments. Horse chestnut is found in cities, streets or parks, while chestnuts are found in forests, woods or orchards. Now that you know how to get it right, it's time to find out where to pick chestnuts! Where to collect chestnuts? In France, there is no shortage of this nut. They grow in Ardèche, Île-de-France, Alsace, Auvergne, Hauts-de-France, Pays-de-la-Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, in short everywhere. To find

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