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picking chestnuts properly (and our ideas for places to easily find them)

To differentiate chestnuts from horse chestnuts, look at their shell and the shape of the fruit. The first has a brown bug with long prickles and the fruit inside is small and almond or heart shaped. The base is more or less crushed. On the other hand, the horse chestnut is covered with a thick green bug with small and thick peaks. The fruit is bigger and rounder than the chestnut and when a chestnut bug can contain 3 or 4, the horse chestnut is alone in its bug. Another clue, the two fruits do not grow at all in the sam   howtoincreasedomainauthority    e environments. Horse chestnut is found in cities, streets or parks, while chestnuts are found in forests, woods or orchards. Now that you know how to get it right, it's time to find out where to pick chestnuts! Where to collect chestnuts? In France, there is no shortage of this nut. They grow in Ardèche, Île-de-France, Alsace, Auvergne, Hauts-de-France, Pays-de-la-Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, in short everywhere. To find

5 things to know to manage the cooking of pork tenderloin

How to cook pork properly, how to know if it is cooked, how to keep it tender, how to reheat it…, so many questions we ask ourselves when cooking our meat. Follow all of our recommendations for a successful pork tenderloin.

In pork, filet mignon is found along the lower part of the spine. It is one of the most affectionate parts and therefore the most expensive. To make the price really worth it, you better be sure to manage the cooking well. Follow our guide to become an expert in the field!  smoothtechi 

How to properly cook pork?

It is possible to cook the pork according to several cooking methods and to choose, it all depends on taste! However, keep in mind a few principles:

• No matter how you cook it, the pork should be cooked slowly and over moderate heat .

• You should never prick the pork with a fork but rather use a spatula  mucommucation

It is very important to commis chef pork well because of trichinellosis. This very widespread disease comes from a worm and is transmitted to humans. It can be contaminated by eating a sick animal raw or undercooked. In France, it is mainly present in wild boars and horses. So be careful if you also eat these kinds of animals.

Eating undercooked meat is dangerous for your health, but if it is overcooked, it is less likely to please your palate. Indeed, overcooked, it would become hard and lose its flavor. But here too there are some tips to keep it very tender ...

How do you know if the pork is cooked properly?

Some like it pink on the inside, others caramel on the outside, but everyone agrees that pork should be eaten "right". And for good reason, you will never be asked at the restaurant if you want your filet mignon rather blue, rare or to the point! To make sure that pork is baked properly, you can either check that it is cooked between 65 ° C and 70 ° C or look at its juices. If it is light or pink then the meat is cooked! If not, return it to cook and recheck its juice.  appleinfocom

How do you know if the filet mignon is done? 

As has been said, pork must be well cooked to be eaten. There are several ways to make sure:

• Employer un thermomètre à sonde filaire

You can use a wired probe thermometer. Yes, yes like the great chefs! To do this correctly, be sure to plant the probe in a piece that is at least 3 cm thick. The meat should be between 65 ° C and 70 ° C for optimal cooking.

• Look at the color of the juice, the texture and the appearance of the meat

If the meat is cooked, the juice should be clear or pinkish. To check, cut a piece with a knife and observe the color of the juice that comes out.

Make sure the filet mignon is really cooked through by cutting a piece with a knife. If its blade slides easily, the meat is done. If you feel resistance, put it back to cook for a few minutes and repeat the operation. Also look at the look of the pork. Well done, its meat is opaque and pink.

How do you keep the pork tender?

To keep meat tender, do not cook it directly after taking it out of the refrigerator. Let her breathe for a few minutes at room temperature.

Here are two techniques to keep your pork tender during cooking:

• Marinate the pork

You can tenderize it with a marinade. Thanks to a tender enzyme (that of pineapple juice, for example) or an acid (that of lemon, wine or vinegar, for example), you will obtain the desired effect. Another advantage, this marinade will bring a lot of flavor to the meat.  computerlg

• Brine the pork

This technique involves soaking the pork in salted water to tenderize it.

Après cuisson, ne la servez pas directement ! Attendez quelques instants pour la laisser reposer. Vous pouvez la garder au chaud en la couvrant avec un linge propre ou un couvercle.

How to reheat a pork tenderloin?

Do you have any leftover pork tenderloin? You can eat it cold as well as hot!

It is possible to reheat the meat in the oven, microwave and pan.

• Reheat in the oven

1. Brush the piece to be reheated with the rest of the gravy or sauce.

2. Wrap the fillet (piece by piece or the entire fillet if not already cut) in aluminum foil.

3. Bake halfway up in a hot oven at 120 ° C. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.

• Réchauffer au four à micro-ondes

1. Cut your tenderloin into slices if you haven't already.

2. Place the meat and its juices in a microwave-safe dish.

3. Cover the dish with plastic wrap.

4. Heat the dish for 30 seconds in the microwave on medium power. Repeat the operation until the meat is hot.

• Reheat in the pan

1. Preheat a pan over medium heat and pour in a little gravy or fat if you have no more.

2. Place the slices of fillet on it and heat each side for 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Once you've warmed both sides of each slice, turn off the heat and serve.  smarttechnofy


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